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  Keep Our Hearts Strong   As the proverb goes, constant drops wear out the stone. Good habits help pave our way to success. However, during the cultivation of good habits we are frequently bewildered and baffled by temptations from the world around us. Only when we are alert and determined enough to resist these temptations can we take a right and unswerving road to success。   In our daily life, it is essential for us to be self-disciplined. A healthy lifestyle, which may consist of regular exercise and balanced diet, is what most people are pursuing in contemporary society. Yet many people cannot resist the coziness of staying in and temptation of tasty but fatty food, thus giving up half way cultivating healthy habits and getting decreasingly robust. In addition, our progress in academic performance depends on good habits. We must restrain ourselves from endless entertainment. Otherwise, distracted and indulged, we can never maintain a good learning habit, let alone achieve academic excellence。   In summary, good habits rely on strong hearts that are not disturbed by temptations. With persistence and perseverance, we are heading to success。   快速阅读答案:   1. may not benefit education as intended   2. build an innovative image   3. further distract students from class participation   4. have to work harder to enliven their classes   5. mobile technology will be more widely used in education   6. It is proceeding with caution。   7. facilitate students’ learning outside of class   8. teaching or analysis   9. complex reasoning abilities required of good lawyers   10. interaction   听力答案:   11. Why she could not get through to him   12. He has difficulty finding affordable housing   13. A code number is necessary to run the copy machine   14. He will stop work to take care of the baby   15. The shopping center is flooded with people   16. It will take longer to reconnect the computers to the Net   17. She did see Prof. Smith on TV   18. The man has to go to see his doctor again   19. It is planning to tour East Asia   20. A lot of good publicity   21. Pay for the printing of the performance programme   22. He might give up concert tours   23. It can do harm to singer’s voice chords   24. Many lack professional training   25. Voice problems among pop singers   26. It has not been very successful   27. It increases parking capacity   28. Collect money and help new users   29. They will be discountable to regular customers   30. Meat consumption has an adverse effect on the environment   31. It lacks the vitamins and minerals essential for health   32. Quit eating meats   33. They do not admit being alcohol addicts   34. To stop them from fighting back   35. With support they can be brought back to a normal life   36. Included   37. categories   38. similar   39. acquaintance   40. recently   41. volunteer   42. citizen   43. indicative   44. You believe you have leadership abilities and your boss put you in charge of a new work team   45. He thought he was a good public official, but the voters obviously thought otherwise   46. A student writes what he thinks is an excellent composition, but the teacher writes no encouraging remarks   仔细阅读答案之选词填空(十五选十)部分:   47. exercise extraordinary power   48. is used in the nation   49. panic in the West   50. foreign oil   51. establish a stockpile of oil   52. They don't know what is going to happen in the future。   53. Its initial blow to confidence far exceeded that of 1929.   54. The government intervened effectively。   55. To curb the fear of a lasting free fall。   56. It has not gone from bad to worse。   57. the sound of a forest signifies its health condition。   58. the collapse of rain forests is caused by direct human interference。   59. turn them into a major source of greenhouse gases   60. Lack of rainfall resulting from global warming。   61. Its practice of burning forests for settlement and development。   完形填空答案:   62. 答案:terrifies 考查动词辨析。exhaust 表示“使筋疲力尽,用尽”;suppress表示“镇压,抑制”;terrify 表示“使惊吓”;disgust表示“使反感”。前文表明关于气候变暖的惊悚报道让我们感到恐惧,更糟糕的是,它吓到了我们的孩子们。   63. 答案:depicted考查动词辨析。dismiss表示“开除,解散”;distract表示“使分心,分散”;deposit表示“储蓄,寄存”;depict表示“描绘,描述”。   64. 答案:even though 考查连词。题考查考生对上下句关系的理解,上半句Al Gore讲述海平面上升20英尺会几乎完全淹没佛罗里达、纽约、荷兰和上海,后半句讲联合国说这种事不会发生,由此可见前后句是转折的关系,所以用even though,表示“尽管”;而as if表示“似乎”;in that表示“因为”;in case表示“以防”。   65. 答案:estimating 考查动词。measure表示“测量,估量”;signify表示“意味,预示”;estimate表示“估计,预测”;extract表示“提取”。空格所在的句子说联合国认为淹没事件不会发生,同时预测海平面只会上升20英尺的二十分之一。   66. 答案:Confronted 考查动词。be confronted with…为固定短语,表示“面临(困难、危险等)”。   67. 答案:there 考查there be句型。由句中的连词and可知前后必须都是句子,表示某个现象或东西存在用there be句型。   68. 答案:argument 考查名词。morality表示“道德,伦理”;interaction表示“相互沟通,相互作用”;argument表示“争论,辩论”;dialogue表示“对话”;文章前面两段都是在讲Al Gore与联合国不同的观点,因此这里填争论。   69. 答案:excessively 考查副词辨析。prevalently表示“流行地,普遍地”;predictably 表示“可预言地”;expressively表示“意味深长地”;excessively表示“过度地,极度”。本句表达的意思是过度担心气候变暖意味着我们担心的其它事情会变少,而在这些事情上我们本可以做得更好。   70. 答案:for example 考查固定短语。for example表示“例如”;in addition表示“另外,除此之外”;by contrast表示“相比之下”;in short表示“总之”;从上下文我们可以看出这句话是举例子,所以用for example。   71. 答案:risk 考查固定短语。该题较为简单,at risk为固定短语,表示“有危险”。   72. 答案:suffering 考查动词。suffer from表示“遭受;患……病”。   73. 答案:Exaggeration 考查名词辨析。explanation表示“解释”;reservation表示“预约;预定”;exaggeration 表示“夸张”;revelation表示“启示”。本题显然承接上文提到的人们对于全球气候变暖这个问题过度夸张的情况。   74. 答案:doomed 考查形容词辨析。dumped表示“废弃的”; dimmed表示“暗灰色的”;doubled表示“两倍的”;doomed表示“注定的;命定的”。这里表示人们假设如果地球的命运是注定好的,也就是说如果全球变暖这个问题是注定了的话,那么就不需要做任何事情来拯救,因为做了也没有用。   75. 答案:majority 考查名词辨析。a majority of 表示“大多数的;mixture表示“混合”;quantity表示“质量”;quota表示“配额;限额”。   76. 答案:worst 考查形容词辨析。前面文章一直在讲夸大全球变暖问题所带来的坏处,这里是作者想强调的最坏的代价,所以用worst。   77. 答案:among 考查介词辨析。among表示“三者或三者以上之间”,among children表示“在孩子们当中”。   78. 答案:extinction 考查名词辨析。separation表示“分离,分开”;sanction表示“制裁,处罚”;isolation表示“隔离,孤立”;extinction 表示“灭绝”。全球变暖只有可能会造成大量动物的灭绝,其他选项均不恰当。   79. 答案:searching for 考查词组辨析。turn out 表示“生产;结果是”;tide over表示“克服,度过”;search for表示“寻找,搜索”;pull through表示“克服困难,渡过难关”。这里是说有些小孩子担心北极熊会灭绝,而这种担心显然对于他们来说是多余的,所以一些家长[微博]会寻找一些其他的东西来转移孩子们的注意力。   80. 答案:to 考查介词辨析。contrary to为固定搭配,表示“与……相反”。   81. 答案:Despite 考查介词辨析。despite表示“尽管”,后面一般跟doing;besides表示“此外,而且”;regardless of 表示“尽管,不管”;except表示“除……之外”。   翻译答案:   82. her eyes closely staring at the screen   【解析】本题考查介词结构及固定短语。with+ sth(身体某部位)+doing表示伴随状态。stare at 即 “盯着”。   83. Not until the middle of the eighteenth century   【解析】本题考查连词及倒装句。由主句did+主语结构,可以看出这个句子是个倒装句,因此首句的连词用表否定的Not until 比较好。   84. while nothing is less cherished than time   【解析】本题考查比较级。由前一句可以看出后半句和前半句是相反对比,因此替换比较级结构,将more…than替换为less…than;同时注意“珍惜”cherish 用分词形式。   85. If only you were more careful   【解析】本题考查虚拟语气。if only 即“要是……就好了”,注意虚拟语气,因此谓语用were。   86. a special fund should be set up to boost innovation

  【解析】本题考查动词的用法。表建议,propose that sth./sb. should +动词原形。因为这里是物作主语,因此需用被动态。“专项基金”即 a special fund,“推动创新”可译为boost / promote / drive/ push forward innovation。因此平时需多积累同义替换表达词。


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